Introducing Plato 3.0

May 31, 2023

Written by Quang Hoang

Cofounder and CEO at Plato

Introducing Plato 3.0

Plato launches a redesigned version of its service with a fairer revenue-sharing model, expanded learning opportunities, flexible usage, and AI-powered features. The platform now includes Circles for diverse learning styles and Plato credits for controlled usage and costs.

Today, I am pleased to announce a significant evolution of our platform. After five years of learning, listening, and iterating, we at Plato are launching a completely redesigned version of our service. The changes we have implemented are designed to better serve you, our valued community of mentors and mentees, with increased flexibility, expanded offerings, and smarter, AI-powered features.

Here's what's new:

1. A Fairer Revenue Model

We're fundamentally shifting our financial model to better reflect the value that our mentors bring to our platform. We recognize that without our mentors, Plato simply wouldn't be the thriving community that it is today. Starting this week, we're introducing a revenue-sharing model. This change not only increases fairness but is also intended to enhance our mentors' engagement and reliability, creating a better overall experience for all our users. More about this: https://www.platohq.com/become-a-mentor

2. Broader Learning Opportunities

We understand that everyone learns differently, and we want our platform to reflect this. That's why we're expanding our services to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs. Alongside our 1-1 mentorship offering, we're launching Circles — a new, cohort-based mentorship product. In these Circles, you'll be part of a supportive group that learns and grows together under the guidance of a dedicated mentor, more about Circles: https://www.platohq.com/circles

3. A More Flexible Usage Approach

Our commitment to flexibility doesn't stop with learning styles. We're also revolutionizing how you can use our services. Moving away from a rigid seat-based model, we're introducing Plato credits. These credits can be used by your team to register for Circles or mentorship sessions, giving you more control over your usage and costs. More about it: https://www.platohq.com/plato-for-teams

4. Advanced AI Features

In our relentless quest to improve user experience, we've incorporated cutting-edge AI features. This includes the addition of call summaries, offering a useful way to review your key learnings and action points post-session. We're also launching chatbots that can provide more information about our mentors, assisting you in making more informed choices about your learning journey. You can try talking to bots in the mentor profile.

These changes are not just surface deep. We've completely rebuilt Plato from the ground up, adopting a brand-new tech stack that accelerates our iteration speed, using TypeScript, Next.JS and Chakra.UI. This change in our technological infrastructure accelerates our iteration speed, ultimately allowing us to deliver better products, faster.

At Plato, we don't stand still. We're committed to growth and innovation in service of our users. We genuinely believe that these changes will make our platform even more valuable and effective for you. However, as always, we welcome your thoughts and feedback. After all, Plato is as much your community as it is ours. So, please, let us know what you think of these new features and services. Your opinions are what drive us forward.

Here's to a bright future and a more connected, collaborative, and fulfilling learning experience for all on Plato.

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