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  • circle

Engaging speaker, energetic, easy to understand framework and had a clear plan on what to expect in future. I am definitely coming back.

Ashish Agrawal - VP of Engineering @ Caribou

  • circle

It was a good mix of practical advice along with real life examples. This helped to connect the discussion to how it applies to my job and what I should be thinking about.

Subha Madaka - Eng Manager, Head of Eng, Customer Systems Platform @ Duo Security

  • circle

Excellent session with lots of great tips. Looking forward to the future sessions

Sribharathi Modukuru - Senior Engineering Manager @ VMware

  • circle

It was a great flow. We focused on one item, got the chance to debate some of the points, meet each other. I think the framework is good and I left with good ideas for the future.

Andrei Gavrila - VP of Engineering­čö╣Agile Coach @ Mentor Cruise

  • circle

I really love the inclusive way you bring all the participants and provide value in a short time.

Stanly Thomas - Engineering Leader @ Microsoft

  • circle

I really enjoyed this session. Even though my company has a robust CDM in place denoting the competencies we look for for a transition between L4 -> L5, a lot of what Jacob covered here supplements said competencies in a bit more detail.

Fidel Severino Flores - Software Engineer @ Betterment

  • mentorship

I have grown significantly as a manager. Getting an unbiased, 3rd party connection to gripe about my ideas and receive guidance from has given me the opportunity to experiment with new methodologies and progress in my career.

AJ Zane - Engineering Manager @ Measurabl

  • mentorship

I've personally found the conversations with the mentors to be very valuable. This is the only platform I've seen where you can go through different profiles and choose and request a chat. You have the flexibility to choose who you would like to talk to, and Plato provides support through the process.

Angela Hsueh - Software Engineer @ Orbital Insight

  • mentorship

Plato is a great tool to exchange ideas with people who have already lived the same professional experience as you, and can prevent making the kinds of mistakes that can take 6 months or more to become apparent. It's saved me a bunch of time and pain and enabled me to accelerate my career.

Brian Fox - Tech lead @ AB Tasty

  • mentorship

Three mentors, three kinds of feedback, all different but inspiring for actions to be taken.

Nicolas M├ętriau - Engineering Manage @ Akeneo @

  • mentorship

I feel like being someone who is still trying to see where they are trying to go in their career - Plato is very helpful. They find someone in your field of experience or a field you are trying to experience. I didn't even know Plato existed, and most people don't know about this platform and it's a great way to help people out.

Joshua Elekwachi - IT Analyst @ Caribou

  • mentorship

It's an extremely effective medium to connect with peers in the industry.

Michelle Waldorf - Director of Engineering Productivity @ Procore Technologies

  • peer-group

What I loved about Peer Groups is the feeling of working on problems together, riffing off different ideas and constraints, as apposed to a more experienced person who is more likely to be prescriptive at advice and dismissive of constraints.

Mark Roddy - Fractional VP Engineering @ launchit.ai

  • peer-group

Having a group of like minded individuals with no strings attached is amazing. I feel comfortable sharing issues I'm dealing with and seeing what others are struggling with too

AJ Zane - Software Engineering Manager @ Measurabl

  • peer-group

I enjoyed the small group size, that we had an open ended question that seeded the discussion, everyone participated, everyone was respectful, that we connected afterward.

Alex Khadiwala - ex Head of Engineering @ InsurGrid

  • peer-group

I like collaborative conversations where everyone gets to have a say. Also sharing content of the discussion and what to think about ahead of time is always super helpful!

Neshay Ahmed - CTO & co-founder @ Wavy

  • peer-group

I loved the engagement and new perspectives that each one of them bring to the table

Harsha Shekar - Engineering Manager @ Atlassian

  • peer-group

It's great to have peers share common challenges within the context of the org though. With external peers, focus on industry practices & shared learning is great.

Vishal Sadhnani - Engineering Manager @ Atlassian

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