Your engineering team can perform better

Investing in mentorship and professional development for your engineering leaders has a high ROI. With Plato for Teams, you can give your team access to the best engineering mentors, peer circles, and personalized learning resources to help them grow and develop.

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The ROI of Mentorship

Employees who receive mentoring are promoted five times more often than those who don't receive mentoring.

Source Gartner

Trusted by top Tech Companies

Those companies use Plato to help their engineering leaders grow and develop.

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A curated community of the best Engineering Leaders

Our community of engineering mentors are hand-picked based on their experience, expertise, and passion for helping others succeed. With Plato for Teams, your engineering leaders can tap into this curated network and get personalized mentorship and guidance.

Curated network of top engineering mentors

Personalized mentorship and guidance

Access to peer circles and personalized learning resources

Different people, different ways of learning

Everyone has different learning styles and preferences. That's why Plato for Teams offers a variety of mentorship and learning options, including 1-on-1 mentorship, peer circles, and on-demand resources. Your engineering leaders can choose the options that work best for them and their learning goals.

1-on-1 mentorship

Peer circles

On-demand resources

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Start small and expand

Our new business model is based on credits, allowing for flexible use of the platform. That way, you can offer credits to employees for career development and joining Circles or 1-1 Mentorship. It minimizes risks and allows you to start small and expand as you see the value.

Flexible credit system

Top up as you scale

Pay only for what you use

Create an organization, top-up credit, and enroll your team

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