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~0 hrs 45 min

Speaker: Being a Great Manager

Deadline to apply: Loading...

I'd like to host a talk for a group of front line managers at Slack on what it means to be a great manager. A subset of the audience is new to management and have recently made the move from being an IC /engineer to now leading people and teams. I would like the talk to focus on people leadership and include advice for career advancement & success in this role

~2 hrs

Scaling Deployment as Company Grows

Deadline to apply: Loading...

Our CI system has started showing more errors as we have scaled, and is becoming a bottleneck in our release process. We are researching various CI systems and approaches so we can move our CI system to the next level.

~1 hrs

Optimizing Search Speed

Deadline: Loading...(accepting late applications)

We're a 7 person senior engineering team building a site conversion optimization product. We process millions of sessions in traffic and need to better optimize search on the sessions for our in-product dashboard.

~1 hrs

Tackling Tech Debt

Deadline: Loading...(accepting late applications)

We are looking to bring in a guest speaker to give a 30 minute talk to our managers and senior engineers at Rubrik on how to deal with technical liability (tech debt) when you have a loaded product feature roadmap. We would like for them to share practical strategies and best practices for effectively identifying, prioritizing, and managing tech debt to improve our development process.

~6 hrs

Providing feedback to EMs engaged in management role-play scenarios

Deadline: Loading...(accepting late applications)

View Recorded sessions of EMs providing negative feedback to actors prompted to react poorly then provide guidance on how to improve.

~5 hrs

Speaker for Plato's next Community Q&A

Deadline: Loading...(accepting late applications)

We are looking for our next speakers for our community Q&As: our bi-weekly webinar-like virtual events gathering 100+ attendees each time for a 45min conversation with Plato's CEO on a specific topic


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