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Doing More With Less: Strategies for Engineering Teams

Companies are constantly looking for ways to do more with less in today's tech industry. Layoffs and cost-cutting measures are becoming more common, and companies are under pressure to remain competitive. In a recent Plato Q&A session, Sagnik Nandy, President and Chief Development Officer at Okta, and Anna Nicanorova, CTO at Annalect, shared their thoughts on "Doing More With Less" in the tech industry.

3 Takeaways for Engineering Leaders from Elevate Fall 2022

From learning how to manage technical debt to delivering impactful features to building team trust, Elevate Fall 2022 provided valuable tips for how to grow as a technical leader.

How Slack's Engineering & Product Leaders are Building Strong Cross-Team Collaboration

Rukmini Reddy (VP of Engineering at Slack), Steve Wood (VP of Product at Slack), and Veena Basavaraj (Sr Director of Engineering at WeWork) dig into the heart of fostering a great relationship between mission-based cross-functional teams.

The Four Step Process to Scale a Startup into an Enterprise

Chris Slowe, CTO at Reddit, shares his experience growing a company from a startup to a major tech conglomerate.

A Product Development Process to Inspire Collaboration In Cross-Functional Teams

Pauline Marol, VP of Product at PlayPlay, shares a modern product development process that combines discovery and delivery, streamlining the workflow.

Hacking Your Product Leadership Career in 2022

Rich Mironov, CEO & Product Management Executive at Mironov Consulting, dives into the ins and outs of product leadership by reflecting on his wealth of experience.

How To Implement Strategic Change While Maximizing Success In A Remote Setup

Amit Sawant, Chief Product & Business Officer at Somatix, and Sophia Broomfield decode how to manage the unknown with confidence during the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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