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How to Build Diverse and Inclusive Teams, According to Leaders at Airtable and Box

Building diverse and inclusive engineering teams starts with a hiring process that limits bias. After all, hiring is the engine that builds your team. If you’re not hiring a diverse set of candidates, you can’t have a diverse team. And if you’re not cultivating an inclusive environment, even the diverse teams you build could begin to deteriorate.

Think you know how to conduct a technical interview? Think again.

Back in January, Karat partnered with Harris Poll to conduct a survey of 253 engineering leaders and hiring decision-makers. We used those results as benchmarks to compare to a second survey of 100 additional leaders last month to gauge the impact of COVID-19 on hiring trends.

Free mentorship for 2,000 people from underrepresented communities

A free mentorship initiative that connects people from underrepresented communities to world-class tech leaders through intimate group mentorship

Women In Tech - Archana Chaudhary, Engineering Manager at Adobe

Archana Chaudhary is an Engineering Manager at Adobe. In this episode of Women In Tech, Archana talks about her career path, some of the challenges she has faced as a woman in tech, and how she helps younger women by mentoring them.

The Product Triangle - Michael Lopp from Slack at Elevate 2019

Michael Lopp, aka Rands, is the VP of Product Engineering at Slack. At Elevate 2019, he gave a talk on the Product Triangle - his framework for building a successful organization.

The Ins and Outs of Evaluating Engineers - Elevate 2019

During Elevate, Ammon Bartram, cofounder of TripleByte, talked to Denali Lumma, Director of Engineering at Robinhood, Tim Wagner, VP Engineering at Coinbase, and Prachi Gupta, Director of Engineering at YouTube, about best practices for hiring engineers.

Surviving Rapid Scaling - LoĂŻc Houssier, Dana Lawson, Luc Vincent, and Prashant Pandey at Elevate 2019

For our third talk of the day at Plato Elevate, our recurring event for engineering and product leaders, LoĂŻc Houssier moderated a panel with Dana Lawson, Luc Vincent, and Prashant Pandey, on how to survive rapid scaling.

Podcast Episode: Fundamental Learnings for Engineering Managers

This week’s episode of Decisive Moments is titled: “Fundamental Learnings for Engineering Managers” featuring DocuSign’s VP of Engineering, Loïc Houssier

Mentor Spotlight: Laurent Paris

From our Plato mentors

Plato Mentors: Building an Inclusive Engineering Culture

By our Plato mentors

Managing in a remote world - tips from GitHub's VP of Engineering

Tips from GitHub's VP of Engineering on managing remote teams

Managing in a remote world  -  Tips from InVision's director of engineering

Tips from an engineering leader who's been remote for 15 years — InVision's Director of Engineering

“Managing in a Remote World” — Tips from a manager of 100+ people across 20 countries

Get tips on leading remote teams from a seasoned VP of Engineering

Managing During Hypergrowth and Change - Chris Slowe, CTO of Reddit, at Elevate 2019

In the opening Keynote of Elevate 2019, Reddit’s CTO, Chris Slowe, talked about his time from the early days at the company to today, and his strategy to lead during periods of growth and change.

Managing Distributed Teams — Asanka Jayasuriya, SVP of Engineering at InVision

Asanka Jayasuriya is InVision’s SVP of Engineering and gave a talk at our Elevate Conference on how to manage distributed teams across different locations.

Managing Distributed Teams

Hear from senior engineering leaders from GitHub, Twilio, and Brex on best practices around managing distributed teams.

How Luc Vincent Sets Goals For His Autonomous Driving Team At Lyft

Luc Vincent was the founder of Google Street View and is the Founder of Lyft Level 5, the autonomous driving unit of Lyft. He hired 300 engineers in 18 months. In this live video AMA on Plato, moderated by Heather Rivers, CTO of Mode, and Brett Huff, Engineering Manager at Atlassian, Luc talks about how he sets goals for his team and ensures they stay on track.

“Leading Through Changing Circumstances” (Podcast Episode Summary)

It’s been an eventful week as Covid-19 dominates the news, and we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. A lot of leaders are coping with changing circumstances, and we recently sat down with Loïc Houssier, DocuSign’s VP of Engineering, to talk about how to manages during change in our most recent episode of Decisive Moments.

Lessons In Leadership - Mo Bhende, Cathy Polinsky, and Chris Satchell at Elevate 2019

Mo Bhende (CEO of Karat), Cathy Polinsky (CTO of Stitch Fix), and Chris Satchell (CTO of Zume) share their experiences on different topics, from their rise to the role of CTO to inclusion and diversity or building remote teams.

How Tom Willerer Motivates Product and Engineering Teams

During his time at Coursera, their product and engineering team grew from 50 to 160 people. As CPO, Tom had to ensure that the team stayed motivated and continued to ship products at a rapid clip. In this AMA, he shares how he did that.

How to Lead An Engineering Team During A Period of Hypergrowth: an AMA with Chris Slowe, CTO at Reddit

Chris Slowe, CTO at Reddit, was also the first employee back in the day. He started 3 months into the startup as a Senior Engineer, and stayed there as a Lead Architect and Manager until 2010. At Plato, we had the privilege of having him in a community AMA with our mentees. In this article, we’ll share with you the highlights of this AMA.

How To Build Collaboration Between Engineering and Product Teams - Rachel Obstler, VP Product at PagerDuty

Rachel Obstler, VP of Product at PagerDuty, shares her insights on building collaboration between engineering and product teams, along with some delightful hockey references!

How to Become an Exceptional Engineering Leaders - AMA with Gautam Prabhu, VP Engineering at PagerDuty

Gautam Prabhu, VP of engineering at PagerDuty, has been a startup person for a good portion of his 20-year career run. He began in the dot-com boom working at companies such as Fogdog and CenterRun and Sun Microsystems. In this AMA, he talks about what it takes to be an exceptional engineering leader.

How Nicolas Dupont, VP of Engineering at Akeneo, Solves His Challenges Via Mentorship

Nicolas Dupont is the Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Akeneo, a Product Information Management solution for eCommerce websites. In this interview, Nicolas tells us about his challenges as a leader of a fast-growing engineering team, and how he solves those challenges via Plato.

Finding Product-Market Fit for New Products, with Tido Carriero, CPO of Segment

Tido Carriero, CPO of Segment, talks about finding product-market fit for new features when your core product already has PMF. While leading product at Segment, Tido helped launch Personas and Protocols, two features that now account for a third of Segment's revenues.

Evaluating Your Team's Success As You Grow

At Plato Elevate, our recurring summit for Product and Eng leaders, Howard Sueing, CTO of Onramp, welcomed execs from LogDNA, Brex, and CZI for a conversation on measuring your team’s success as you grow or scale.

Employee Growth and Career Development - Elevate 2019

At Plato Elevate, Oded Shekel, HackerRank’s SVP of Product, moderated a talk composed of eng leaders from Netflix, Optimizely, and VMware about employee growth and career development.

Driving Team Performance With Effective Communication - Elevate 2019

Tyler Muse, CEO of Lingo Live, talks to Jen You from WeWork, Michael Spiegelman from Netflix, Sue Nallapeta from Apartment List, and Pat Poels from Eventbrite about how to increase team performance by communicating better.

Building High-Performing Engineering Teams - Brian Zotter from Medium at Elevate

Brian Zotter is the VP of Product Engineering at Medium. During Elevate 2019, he gave a keynote on how to build high-performing engineering teams.

Building Alignment Between Product and Engineering - Elevate 2019

One of the talks at our Elevate conference was a panel on building alignment between product and engineering teams. Tom Willerer, ex-CPO of Coursera, moderated the discussion with participation from Clara Liang (VP of Product at Airbnb), Josh Elman (VP of Product at Robinhood), and Madhura Dudhgaonkar (Senior Director of Engineering at Workday)

“How To Work Effectively with Distributed Teams”

At Plato — we interview senior engineering leaders all the time, and this story comes from Skyscanner’s Engineering Manager, Ardy Dedase.

“How to Increase Visibility in a Remote Team” by InVision’s Director of Engineering, Ryan Scheuermann

At Plato — we interview senior engineering leaders, and this story on managing remote teams comes from InVision’s Director of Engineering, Ryan Scheuermann.

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