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Why These Incredible Leaders Choose to Give Back

Have you ever had the feeling you wouldn't be where you are today without that person who supported you or gave you valuable advice? That's what we're trying to provide for the leaders building the products of tomorrow.

Have an Immediate Impact

We match you with people you can actually help based on short stories you share about your challenges and wins. We also look at seniority, type of expertise, size of company, etc. to ensure you're going to have a great conversation.

“Those who yearn to learn tend to go further. The earlier we realize our shortcomings and begin to accept the mentorship of others, the sooner we begin to grow. Great mentors go beyond answering questions, they inspire. Mentorship is a two-way street, mentees and mentors alike learn from one another and Plato is the platform that enables personal and professional growth.”

Bruno Miranda - VP engineering

Continue to Improve as a Leader

No vague answers here. We match you with mentors who have experience with the specific challenges you're facing, who can give actionable advice.

“I really enjoy helping people…and I’ve also found that some of the best learnings come from hearing other people’s experiences, and I love hearing stories about the ways other people are approaching problems…Definitely recommend Plato to anyone who wants to learn about engineering management…It’s really a community of experts.”

Tido Carriero - VP engineering

Network + Build Your Personal Brand

You'll have the opportunity to grow your personal and company brand in a competitive job market — enabling you to attract the right type of tech talent.

“For me, being a mentor is a great way to form connections, self reflect and build a strong support system and network around me. With Plato, I have achieved just that and I am learning new things everyday.”

Sue Nallapeta - Sr. director of engineering

Mentor With Zero Hassle

Dedicate a 30-min weekly slot that integrates into your normal routine, and we take care of the rest. Your time is valuable, so there's no wasting it on scheduling or finding relevant matches — just concentrate on having meaningful discussions.

“Being a part of Plato has given me the vehicle I've always wanted to both transform the greater tech industry for the better and have a greater sense of meaning and purpose as an engineering leader. This has gone far beyond what I'd ever be able to accomplish at a single organization. For 30 minutes of my time each week, it's thanks to Plato that I'm more fulfilled than I've ever been.”

David Murray - CTO