How To Successfully Empower Your Employees

Hervé Roussel

Senior Engineering Manager at Indeed



"As a manager figuring out how to empower your employees without distracting them from their daily tasks and projects is a touch piece to balance. Being a good manager is not only about setting up your employees for the future, but finding the best path to set them on. And sometimes it is hard to know if you are empowering them or not."

Actions taken

"To figure out how to most efficiently empower your employees the manager should go back and reread the job description of the members of the team. When thinking of empowering employees, first his goal with engineers is to make sure they are efficiently and successfully doing whatever technical work is needed and assigned to them. Secondly once that is on track, try to promote ways they can find independence and confidence in their role. He wants them to be on track for a promotion to senior engineer or whatever role is next in their trajectory. He wants them to be aware of this path, to feel they have the tools they need to succeed, and this will drive them and motivate their day to day."

Lessons learned

"Ultimately giving one's employees the tools to succeed and wanting your team to be successful, that is how you empower the engineers and employees you manage. You can know if you are empowering them in this way by having clear communication by setting up processes that become a part of your company's culture like stand ups. Through conversation one on one and wit your whole team you can have a clear insight if you are leading s confident and efficient team, or if you need to step in and rework any processes or add more processes to keep your team on track not only with their daily work but with their career path."

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Hervé Roussel

Senior Engineering Manager at Indeed

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