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Hervé Roussel

Senior Engineering Manager at Indeed

Indeed AI | IBM AI XPRIZE | LLM on code | O'Reilly speaker | Cornell | 500 Startups

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Joined Mar 2018

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Herve is a seasoned technology leader with over a decade of experience leading complex AI projects in high-stakes environments. His unique blend of strong product sensibility, startup acumen, and dedication to people development has driven exponential growth trajectories, such as increasing ARR from 22x in 14 months and expanding user base from 26x within 18 months. Among his notable achievements in the AI domain are improving data science estimation models for 300 million users, leading the development of the first Large Language Model on code, and scaling a Deep Learning platform for banking giants. His ability to inspire and grow teams is highly recognized, as evidenced by his extensive contribution to platforms such as O'Reilly media and the Global $5M IBM AI XPRIZE.


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