1-1 Mentorship for Engineering Leaders

Experience personalized guidance, dig into specific subjects, and establish a meaningful relationship with a dedicated mentor on an individual basis.

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June 5-6 2024 | San FranciscoIn-person2 days1,000 Eng Leaders

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How 1-1 Mentorship Works

Live, Personalized Learning

Direct discussions with a mentor who tailors the learning experience to your needs.

Problem Solving

Receive quick, actionable advice from your mentor during a call to help you tackle challenges and solve problems.

Continuous Improvement

Learn how to effectively receive feedback from your team and enhance your leadership potential through ongoing improvement.

Career Advice + Development

Receive guidance on developing your leadership skills and advancing your career from experienced mentors who understand the path to success.

Unknown Unknowns

Engage in conversations with mentors who have walked in your shoes, gaining valuable insights on unexpected aspects and expanding your knowledge.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule sessions at your convenience for a personalized learning experience.

Connect and Learn with the Best Eng Leaders

We will send you a weekly newsletter with new mentors, circles, peer groups, content, webinars,bounties and free events.

What people are saying about 1-1 Mentorship

  • mentorship

I have grown significantly as a manager. Getting an unbiased, 3rd party connection to gripe about my ideas and receive guidance from has given me the opportunity to experiment with new methodologies and progress in my career.

AJ Zane - Engineering Manager @ Measurabl

  • mentorship

I've personally found the conversations with the mentors to be very valuable. This is the only platform I've seen where you can go through different profiles and choose and request a chat. You have the flexibility to choose who you would like to talk to, and Plato provides support through the process.

Angela Hsueh - Software Engineer @ Orbital Insight

  • mentorship

Plato is a great tool to exchange ideas with people who have already lived the same professional experience as you, and can prevent making the kinds of mistakes that can take 6 months or more to become apparent. It's saved me a bunch of time and pain and enabled me to accelerate my career.

Brian Fox - Tech lead @ AB Tasty

  • mentorship

Three mentors, three kinds of feedback, all different but inspiring for actions to be taken.

Nicolas Métriau - Engineering Manage @ Akeneo @

  • mentorship

I feel like being someone who is still trying to see where they are trying to go in their career - Plato is very helpful. They find someone in your field of experience or a field you are trying to experience. I didn't even know Plato existed, and most people don't know about this platform and it's a great way to help people out.

Joshua Elekwachi - IT Analyst @ Caribou

  • mentorship

It's an extremely effective medium to connect with peers in the industry.

Michelle Waldorf - Director of Engineering Productivity @ Procore Technologies


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