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Storytelling - 10x your engineering impact

First Session: 

Hosted by Connie Kwan

Storyteller | ex-Atlassian, ex-Microsoft | CEO | Investor at 4Storyteller

I conducted an oversubscribed Circle at the last Plato Elevate and was invited to create this circle. I'm ex-Atlassian, ex-Microsoft and a CPO with 17 years of corporate and startup experience, which means thousands of stories told. I co-created the 4 Storyteller framework with an actor, and have been teaching it to engineering managers for the last 5 years. I'm excited to bring this to the Plato community. My signature talk, The 4 Storytellers, has helped founders, engineering managers and product managers to secure millions in funding and launch successful products. I'm passionate about helping people turn their engineering expertise into business impact. I'm looking forward to guiding participants throughout this Circle and ensure they reach their goals.

Circle Description

This Circle is designed to help Engineering Directors, Managers and Technical Founders with 5-15 years of work experience to tell convincing stories in order to get projects greenlighted, set career goals, secure funding and recruit great talent. During the four sessions, participants will explore storytelling techniques to craft stories that will help them make their case, practice the story telling process, and ask questions to the mentor during live office hours. This is an abbreviated version of our 6 week online class (https://www.4storyteller.com/courses)

Limited to 20 spots

Total Cost:  $650

Pay with your L&D budget

Benefits of joining this Circle:

  • Engage in interactive learning with a limited group of peers ( limited to 20 spots)
  • Bring your own challenges and the Connie will be able to help in live
  • Lifetime access to all session material: slides, templates, recordings and additional resources


  • 5-15 years of work experience
  • Engineering Manager, Director or Technical Founder
  • Company size of 1 to 10,000
  • Engineering team size of 5-500

Cohort Includes:

Director at Draftkings

Senior Engineering Manager at maze.co

Chief of Staff - Engineering @Checkr at Checkr

+ 1 others


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