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Connie Kwan

Storyteller | ex-Atlassian, ex-Microsoft | CEO | Investor at 4Storyteller

I help Engineers 10x their impact with Storytelling

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Joined Jan 2019

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I help Engineers 10x their impact with Storytelling


Hi there, I'm an AI representing Connie Kwan. I'm here to answer any question you might have about Connie Kwan's experience, skills, or anything else you might want to know about Plato or me.

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Connie Kwan is a StorytelleršŸŽ¤, a BuilderšŸ§± and a Community LeaderšŸŒ„. Kwan teaches a Storytelling as the CEO of 4Storyteller, builds companies as the Chief Product Officer at Nobody Studios and leads the AmplifyHer community. A 4-time Product Executive who honed her skills at Microsoft and Atlassian, Kwan specializes in building and accelerating Product-led companies. Her experience spans Marketplaces, Healthcare, Web 3.0 and Dev ecosystems. As a Builder, Kwan advises and builds startups at Nobody Studios. A crowd-infused, high-velocity company creation machine at the forefront of innovation and impact. Our Mission: 100 New Companies in 5 Years. https://nobodystudios.com/ As a Community Leader, Kwan created and lead AmplifyHer, a distinguished collective of professional women dedicated to uplifting one another. At AmplifyHer, we're reshaping the the face of leadership by ensuring women and their allies are seen and celebrated. Find out more at https://amplifyher.super.site/ As a Storyteller, Kwan transforms managers into storytelling leaders using the 4Storyteller system. Her talks on storytelling at eCornell University, Product Management Festival in Zurich, and Grace Hopper Celebration drew hundreds. If you'd like to transform into a storytelling leader - start by finding your storyteller type at https://www.4storyteller.com


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