Refactoring: Case studies

Viktoria Karolova

Chief of Staff to CTO at Slido

Commitment: ~2 hrs
Reward: $2000
Deadline to apply:Loading...(accepting late applications)

We are currently on the lookout for expert speakers who can share their wisdom, experiences, and insights on the subject of refactoring. The goal of this talk is to educate our attendees on the best practices, techniques, and strategies in refactoring, specifically in a SaaS environment.


Problem or Description

The importance of refactoring in software development lifecycle Techniques and strategies for successful refactoring Case studies on refactoring large scale SaaS applications Overcoming challenges in refactoring

Requirements to apply

  • Software engineer/software architect or technology leader with significant experience and knowledge in refactoring and SaaS
  • Hands on involvement in large refactoring initiatives
  • Passion for education & knowledge sharing


We are looking for speakers for virtual tech conference held fir Slido Technology team that will take place on 8th Feb, 2024 between 10 am GMT & 12:30 GMT

Useful Links

What is slido https://www.slido.com/?experience_id=231214-z


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