Using storytelling to influence stakeholders

Connie Kwan

Storyteller | ex-Atlassian, ex-Microsoft | CEO | Investor at 4Storyteller



"Expressing and delivering your vision is very challenging. It is crucial to tell your story through a captivating narrative in order to get prominent stakeholders on board."

Actions taken

We created a storytelling workshop. This is run in an interdisciplinary approach combining business acumen with storytelling techniques of performance theatre. We teach the approach with 5 tool-kits:

  • Product Vision
  • Story Craft
  • Audience Archetype
  • Speaker Archetype
  • Delivery Techniques

Lessons learned

"These toolkits help leaders take customers, employees and investors on most compelling journey of their product story. 1) Product vision is particularly useful for creating alignment between internal and customer facing teams. This is the heart of your content work. 2) Story crafting is important because the emotional journeys define the core beliefs of your audience, and all messages to your audience must speak to their core belief or it will feel inauthentic. 3) Defining your audience is crucial so that you can use the correct speaker archetype in your delivery. 4) Additionally, understanding your own natural speaker archetype will allow you to tune your delivery for your different audiences. As importantly, practice makes perfect! Fine tuning delivery techniques is key."

Source: Product Maestro

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Connie Kwan

Storyteller | ex-Atlassian, ex-Microsoft | CEO | Investor at 4Storyteller

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