Navigating Professional Growth: Insights for IT Leaders

Gaston Duarte

Sr Eng. Manager | ex-CTO | Co-Founder | Entrepreneur at Naranja X


As IT professionals, we often find ourselves in conversations about professional growth with our team members. Over the years, certain patterns have emerged, and today I want to share thoughts on a favorite theme - "What I Get."

The Learning Journey

When I began my IT career two decades ago, like many others, I grappled with how to acquire the necessary knowledge for professional excellence. As junior developers, understanding the answers to questions like "How is the best way to do this?" or "What will I learn from that?" was challenging. With more years of experience, it's crucial for leaders to empathize, especially with juniors, guiding them on the path of continuous learning.

Methods I Love to Use:

  1. Set Clear Expectations: Crystal clear expectations provide a gold-mining opportunity to be the leader your team needs. Clarify what you expect and what you don't, helping ease anxiety and focus on crucial aspects.

    Example: "I don't care about the time it takes; I care about the quality of the solution."

  2. What I Get Concept: Emphasize the "What I Get" concept, related to the learning curve or Dunning-Kruger effect. Share knowledge based on the hypothetical time you have together, creating a reward of knowledge gained during your collaboration.

    Example: "What I get? You get the delta between what you know when we start and your knowledge on the last day."

  3. The Offer: Success lies in mutual commitment. Convey your belief in their potential, share your past experiences, and support them through failures, a crucial part of the learning process.

In conclusion, knowledge is the most valuable asset, and by fostering a supportive learning environment, both mentor and mentee can thrive.

Your Thoughts?

Curious to hear your take! Share your insights on fostering growth in your team. Let's talk!

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Gaston Duarte

Sr Eng. Manager | ex-CTO | Co-Founder | Entrepreneur at Naranja X

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