Myth Busting

Vikash Chhaganlal

Head of Engineering at Xero


If we don’t know where we are today … How do we know we are headed in the right direction?

  • Benchmarking tells you the ‘true’ current state. Data is non-emotive, therefore the narrative is led by data (not data driven)

  • Leadership are here to remove impediments as early as possible to help with Aligned Autonomy. Everyone in the team is Empowered to take Ownership

  • Metrics are there to help us identify what we need to focus on and where we need to spend our time. (we don't get punished for bad metrics, it just helps us identify where we need to pay attention).

  • Metrics alone doesn’t tell you a story; only the team can do that and own it!

  • You can’t measure everything - Measure ONLY what’s important right now to improve current state.

  • Metrics can help with Continuous Improvement. This will provide teams with Fast Feedback Loop whether improvements are working or course correction is required 

  • Measuring What Matters and The Owner's Mindset to Act are designed to work in harmony.

  • Metrics are NOT used as a stick for adherence (full stop!)

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Vikash Chhaganlal

Head of Engineering at Xero

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