Maximizing Your Current Job for Future Entrepreneurship

Quang Hoang

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In this article, we will explore how to maximize your current job for future entrepreneurship. We will provide actionable steps that you can take in your current job to align yourself with future entrepreneurial opportunities.

Finding a Unique Insight: Three Buckets

To find a problem where you have a unique insight, consider the following three main areas:

  1. Personal Experience: Solve a challenge for yourself

Reflect on your own experiences as an engineer and identify the challenges you faced. As stated by the author, "If you were a founding engineer in a big tech company, your experiences growing from a team of 20 people to thousands of people holds valuable insights and pain points that can be solved."

  1. Talking to Customers: Solve a challenge for customers you know

Engage with customers in your current company to understand their pain points and challenges. In larger tech companies, there may be unmet opportunities that your company is unable to address due to a focus on bigger enterprise customers. Create opportunities to interact with customers and gain insights into their pain points. As the author suggests, "Talking to customers all day long is the best way to generate ideas. As a product manager, you can have these conversations and gain valuable insights."

  1. Observing Company Challenges

Observe the challenges within your own company and identify areas where improvements can be made. Communicate with your boss or colleagues to express your interest in learning more about the business side of things. This can help you gain insights into the problems your company is facing and potential areas for innovation.


To maximize your current job for future entrepreneurship, it is crucial to find a unique insight and identify problems that have not been adequately addressed. By reflecting on personal experiences, talking to customers, and observing company challenges, you can uncover valuable insights that can pave the way for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Quang Hoang

CEO at Plato

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