How To Manage without Micromanaging

Hervé Roussel

Senior Engineering Manager at Indeed



"Differentiating between managing and micromanaging is a common problem faced by managers. Micromanagement is really a 'lack of trust' in one's employees. It is tough because not every process or strategy works the same for every employee. There are varied experiences on a team, and sometimes both in-house and remote employees need different management tools implemented to find success with projects and performance in general."

Actions taken

"By default any relationship with a new hire on your team should be greeted with trust. A proper goal oriented meeting should be set up to review company culture and process to align the new hire with the team's objectives. Then trust them to do their job by giving them space in the beginning. Step in to manage once you see any misalignment or miscommunication on company objectives. Daily stand ups or weekly one on ones are just good management processes, not micromanagement, these are common touch points to make sure you communicate efficiently with your team. Even if you have a remote team, you can set up a Slack Bot or use other technology apps that can automate this daily check in and record the status via messages or emails in any time zone."

Lessons learned

"Ultimately it can be hard to find the balance of management, and some actions are often received with push back, especially setting up something that adds an additional task to the engineers day or week. But if the manager explains why this process improves the team, and how not checking in has implemented the team, the team will have some insight, and eventually this will become a normal daily process in your team's company culture."

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Hervé Roussel

Senior Engineering Manager at Indeed

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