9-months Pregnant and Applying to Be a Manager

Limor Bergman Gross

Executive Coach at LBG Consulting Service Ltd



"I had always wanted to become a manager. During my pregnancy with my second son the opportunity presented itself when a managerial position opened up. At the time I was a software engineer with no management experience, yet I was leading small teams who worked with customers on short to mid-length projects. The problem was that the hiring manager didn't know me very well, and on top of that I was 9 months pregnant and about to go on maternity leave for 3 months."

Actions taken

I spoke with my own manager, a person who knew me and my capabilities very well, and asked him about how to proceed with the matter. He suggested that I still apply for the position and that he would vouch for me and my capabilities. I then went and spoke with the hiring manager. I explained to him why I thought I was the right fit for the role and why I thought I could handle it. I then asked him to seriously consider me for the position. I also suggested that as the hiring manager he speak with my personal manager to get the necessary feedback about me. Later, after I went on maternity leave, I received a call from the hiring manager. He requested that I return to the office to meet with him. Although I was on leave I made the effort to go into the office. This act alone showcased my dedication and desire to take on the position. The hiring manager eventually called me and offered me the position. To my surprise I not only started managing the team but was also given many more responsibilities on top of that. Because I was not expecting this, and because I was a new manager, I asked my previous manager to be my mentor. We began meeting on a weekly basis and he helpfully assisted me through the transition from IC to manager.

Lessons learned

  • "Do not let anything stop you. Even though the timing might be challenging, that alone is not reason enough to give up on your dreams."
  • "In my case, my previous manager was one of the major reasons why I was offered the job. He vouched for my skills, supported me, and encouraged me to apply. So don't be afraid to ask someone to do the same for you."
  • "Get yourself a mentor. Starting a new role or doing something you have not done before can be intimidating and you probably don't know how to deal with it. So seek out someone who can help and guide you. Having a mentor who was experienced and had done this type of work before helped me tremendously."

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Limor Bergman Gross

Executive Coach at LBG Consulting Service Ltd

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