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Time-Tested First-Time Manager Toolkit

First Session: 

Hosted by Ei-Nyung Choi

Technical Advisor, Angel Investor, Principal Engineer at ex-Slack/Salesforce, ex-The Browser Company

I've managed multiple teams on large and small projects at multiple companies. In the last several years, I've mentored dozens of new managers to great success, including on the Plato platform; I consider mentoring new managers my superpower. I've also coached dozens more people making the rough transition between engineer and management. With my experience, I'm confident I can provide valuable advice and strategies to help the participants prioritize their work and manage their time better. I'm excited to lead this Circle and help the participants become better and more effective tech lead managers. Your management and your direct reports will notice the difference.

Circle Description

You used to be incredible at delivering code, and now, you've got an entirely different, harder, and, hopefully, much more meaningful job: managing people. This Circle will help new engineering managers with the most common problems new managers face, as well as identify ways to improve their team outcomes. We will adapt the format of the circle for the attendees, so that we can ensure you get the help you need. We plan to cover effective delegation, planning, and a path to level up your team. We will give you practical frameworks to prioritize incoming work for your team. Specifically, you will walk away with: - A template for running effective 1-on-1s - A better way to negotiate engineering priorities & deliverables - A strategy to understand and improve your engineering team productivity - Understanding burnout - A process for having difficult performance & promotion conversations

Limited to 12 spots


Total Cost:  $350

Pay with your L&D budget

Benefits of joining this Circle:

  • Engage in interactive learning with a limited group of peers ( limited to 12 spots)
  • Bring your own challenges and the Ei-Nyung will be able to help in live
  • Lifetime access to all session material: slides, templates, recordings and additional resources


  • Engineering team size: 3 or more direct reports
  • Career stage: Mid to senior+ as an IC but fairly new to management
  • Currently a new engineering manager with direct reports
  • Years of experience: At least 5 years in engineering total, but 3 or fewer years as a manager

What people are saying about Ei-Nyung

I'm very grateful to have been mentored by Ei-Nyung and been able to benefit from her expertise and guidance! No matter what issues I brought to her, she always had a thoughtful and insightful response. Whether it was helping me navigate communication issues, optimizing my workflow, or just providing general career advice, Ei-Nyung always had actionable and inspiring advice!

Pierre Thirouin - Staff Software Engineer @ BlaBlaCar

I've left every single session getting out more than what I expected. Ei-Nyung always manages to catch the small important details from a conversation and use them to get to the core on an issue being discussed. She often implant bits and pieces of wisdom that I find myself thinking about in my day to day as I navigate through challenges. She's also down to earth and a fun conversationalist!

Ivaylo Karageurov - Head of Financial Engineering @ Derivative Path, Inc.

I wish I was able to select multiple kudos for Ei-Nyung! I am so grateful for my time being mentored by her, I constantly received actionable advice and always felt so heard and inspired after our sessions. Ei-Nyung really cares about her mentees and took the time to dive deep into the challenges I was facing all while taking the best notes I've ever seen! I still refer back to them regularly. Our sessions were packed with amazing insights, great conversation and a lot of fun :D She has so much technical and leadership experience to share, anyone would be lucky to have her as their mentor!

Purvi Kanal - Senior Software Engineer @ PagerDuty


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