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Time management around crunch time

First Session: 

Hosted by Sudheer Bandaru

CEO at Hivel

Circle Description

Hey there! I'm Sudheer Bandaru, Founder and CEO at Insightly Analytics. I'm an Experienced Technology Leader with a vision for the future while solving today’s challenges. Demonstrated history of working across multiple domains in product based companies of all sizes for over a decade in the US and India. I take pride in building user friendly, scalable and secure applications, strong teams that generate results and a culture that attracts and retains engineers. Have you or your team ever signed up for more work than you can get done, and had no choice but got burnt out? While crunch time is inevitable for unforeseen production fixes, why do we come across them in planned sprints? In this Circle, I'd like to discuss time management and prioritization around crunch time. Looking forward to meeting you!

This circle is full.

Benefits of joining this Circle:

  • Engage in interactive learning with a limited group of peers ( Full)
  • Bring your own challenges and the Sudheer will be able to help in live
  • Lifetime access to all session material: slides, templates, recordings and additional resources


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