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Stories from the Trenches: How to Navigate the Corporate Maze

First Session: 

Hosted by

Claude Jones

Sr. Director Engineering at Walmart Labs

Circle Description

Hi Community, my name is Claude Jones and in this circle, I will share my personal experiences of how I was able to overcome the struggles and frustrations of the corporate maze. We will cover topics like personal resiliency, effective team management, realistic goal setting, and workplace efficiency and how these played a role in shaping the type of leader I am today. This 4 week circle will focus on: Week 1: The time I was "almost" fired from Walmart Labs and what I did to turn my situation around Week 2: The 4 principles I use to create a healthy team culture Week 3: How to manage negative perceptions, about you, in the workplace Week 4: How to balance office politics and workplace efficiency This series is for anyone looking to take their career to the next level to grow as an individual and a leader towards personal success. It's time to map your own course towards navigating the corporate maze. Claude Jones is a forward-looking technologist with over 15 years of experience with a reputation for building, inspiring, and leading teams that deliver exceptional results.

This circle is full.

Benefits of joining this Circle:

  • Engage in interactive learning with a limited group of peers ( Full)
  • Bring your own challenges and the Claude will be able to help in live
  • Lifetime access to all session material: slides, templates, recordings and additional resources


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