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Improve Your and Your Teams Performance with Rituals

First Session: 

Hosted by Oliver Heckmann

Head of Engineering at Coda

I'm excited to mentor participants in this Circle about Improving Your and Your Teams Performance with Rituals. Through this Circle, we'll explore rituals used by tech industry leaders and discuss how to adjust them to fit individual and team needs. As someone who's had conversations with Uber, Figma, Google and Facebook about their key rituals, I'm in a unique position to bring valuable insights to the Circle's sessions. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and helping to make participants more successful.

Circle Description

Learn about some of the best rituals of top tech companies from an experienced mentor. This Circle is designed for Engineering or Product Managers running organizations of 20+ up to hundreds, or for (current or future) founders who want to learn how to shape the culture of their team. Participants will get the chance to get introduced to the topic, to each other and to the mentor. We will be going through diverse rituals from well-known companies to improve execution, planning, communication, meetings, etc. As part of the circle, we will also look into tooling to bake those rituals into your everyday life.

Limited to 12 spots

Total Cost:  $500

Pay with your L&D budget

Benefits of joining this Circle:

  • Engage in interactive learning with a limited group of peers ( limited to 12 spots)
  • Bring your own challenges and the Oliver will be able to help in live
  • Lifetime access to all session material: slides, templates, recordings and additional resources


  • Company size of 20 or more employees
  • Engineering team size of 10 or more
  • Career stage: Junior, Mid, or Senior
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience

Cohort Includes:

Software Engineering Leader at Duo Security

Software Engineering Manager at Procore

Team Lead at Shopify


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