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Making Early Decisions as a Founding CTO

First Session: 

Hosted by Nicholas Clark

CTO / Founder at Divvy Homes

I have extensive experience growing two companies from 0 to 300+ employees and scaling two PDE organisations to 80+. Having navigated through plenty of difficult decisions and made a lot of mistakes along the way, I understand the importance of making the right decisions. As a mentor in this Circle, I'm excited to offer guidance and insights to participants to help them make early decisions confidently and successfully.

Circle Description

As a technical founder, making the right decisions early on is key to the success of your business. Join this Circle and learn from an experienced mentor about the important decisions you need to make as a CTO (and founder) in the early stages of your business. Through four online sessions, you will get to ask questions and discuss with other experienced founders. By the end of the Circle, my goal is to help disambiguate between the stress over decisions you must get correct and general founder anxiety.

Limited to 10 spots

Total Cost:  $500

Pay with your L&D budget

Benefits of joining this Circle:

  • Engage in interactive learning with a limited group of peers ( limited to 10 spots)
  • Bring your own challenges and the Nicholas will be able to help in live
  • Lifetime access to all session material: slides, templates, recordings and additional resources


  • Company Founders
  • CTOs
  • Aspiring Founders
  • 2+ years of experience in the tech industry


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