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How to successfully launch on Kickstarter

First Session: 

Hosted by

Betsie Larkin

Co-CEO at Honeylove

Circle Description

We launched Honeylove on Kickstarter in 2018 and earned $315k in pledges, which allowed us to ship our first product, use that momentum to get into Y Combinator, raise a Series A, and build a fast-growing and profitable company. Betsie's background is in music, so she knows first-hand the challenges of starting a company as a non-traditional founder. Having strong metrics is the best way to overcome any business challenges, and it turns out that Kickstarter and similar platforms are a great way to establish those metrics and overall validation. But being successful on Kickstarter is easier said than done - you obviously have to have a great product, but there are definitively some best practices when it comes to building the landing page, producing the introductory video, marketing on social channels, partnering with other Kickstarter creators, and engaging with your backers. In this Circle, Betsie and Igor will share all you need to know to launch successfully on Kickstarter and leverage that momentum to achieve your next goals as well.

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