Speaker for Plato's next Community Q&A

Quang Hoang

Cofounder and CEO at Plato

Commitment: ~5 hrs
Reward: $2500
Deadline to apply:Loading...(accepting late applications)

We are looking for our next speakers for our community Q&As: our bi-weekly webinar-like virtual events gathering 100+ attendees each time for a 45min conversation with Plato's CEO on a specific topic


Problem or Description

Plato organizes bi-weekly community Q&A: webinar-like discussions between Plato's CEO and an experienced engineering leader. Each time, a specific topic is defined and the event starts with a quick 15min keynote by the speaker then switches to answering questions from the audience. We are looking for our next speakers for the upcoming 3 months!

Past speakers:

  • Shadi Rostami - Senior/Executive VP of Engineering at Amplitude
  • Eric Johnson - Advisor | Former CTO at GitLab
  • Tamar Bercovici - VP of Engineering at Box
  • Michael Manapat - Head of Engineering at Notion
  • Kris Rasmussen - CTO at Figma
  • Sagnik Nandy - President and Chief Development Officer at Okta
  • Ian Nowland - SVP of Core Engineering at Datadog

Requirements to apply

  • VPE level or above
  • 100+ engineering team
  • Known company brand is a plus
  • Great credibility around the topic discussed


We are looking to keep the bi-weekly cadence of speakers so we are looking for 2 speakers per month starting August 2023.

TIme Commitment:

Around 4-5 hours total, split as follows:

  • 30min - First prep with Plato team to narrow down topic and key points. This must be done at least 3 weeks prior to event
  • 2-3 hours: Solo work to prep collaterals and keynote main talking points
  • ~1h: Day-of event


Ideally suggest topics and main message. Feel free to share past speaking engagement links.

Useful Links

Find recordings here: https://www.platohq.com/events


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