Scaling Deployment as Company Grows

Cody Kurz

VP of Engineering at 7shifts: Team Management for Restaurants

Commitment: ~2 hrs
Reward: $500
Deadline to apply:Loading...(accepting late applications)

Our CI system has started showing more errors as we have scaled, and is becoming a bottleneck in our release process. We are researching various CI systems and approaches so we can move our CI system to the next level.


Problem or Description

We do have a dedicated DevOps team that has historically owned this. A lot of custom processes and tools have been implemented, layered on top of Kubernetes and Google Cloud. This system is not scaling as well as we would like, and we want to chat with someone who has scaled Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment systems. We are open to pretty large and significant change in our approaches.

Requirements to apply

  • Experience creating and managing a CI pipeline for a company that scaled from ~30 engineers to ~200.

  • Nice to Have: Experience with Argo, and Github Actions


  • Upon bounty claim, roughly 1 week to prepare document / presentation on CI system and pros and cons as it scaled. (~1 hour of effort)

  • Presentation to our DevOps team to go over that presentation. (~1 hour video call)


  • Document of existing CI system being used, with some pros and cons identified.

  • Presentation of that CI system to the team.

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