Providing feedback to EMs engaged in management role-play scenarios

Quang Hoang

Cofounder and CEO at Plato

Commitment: ~6 hrs
Reward: $4200
Deadline to apply:Loading...(accepting late applications)

View Recorded sessions of EMs providing negative feedback to actors prompted to react poorly then provide guidance on how to improve.


Problem or Description

At Airbnb, we launched a program to support out engineering leaders with navigating tough conversations. To do so we have engaged actors prompted to react poorly to the feedback they receive. EMs going through this program must provide tough feedback to the actor role playing an engineer.

Your job is going to observe live how EMs are doing and coach them to give better feedback.

The job is going to be in 3 days, sometimes in July/August:

  • Day 1: Training for the coaches
  • Day 2: Joining live the First sessions, observing and providing coaching on the feedback
  • Day 3: Same as day 2 with other EMs
  • Feedback Session (1h) for the Airbnb team

Requirements to apply

  • Director level or above (VP level is a plus)
  • having worked in a large tech company is a plus
  • Knowing SBI framework and Radical candor concept
  • Self proclaimed as great at managing tough conversations


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