Private Circle on Product-Engineering Feedback Loops

Bonnie Brieden

Chief of Staff at Plato

Commitment: ~6 hrs
Reward: $5000
Deadline to apply:Loading...

Customer is a fin-tech start-up looking for guidance on product-engineering feedback loops. There would be some up-front definition / process design with customer before the private circle begins. Private circle would be for their product and engineering leads. The end goal is to have tighter collaboration between the teams to mitigate for re-work or delays.


The reason customer is prioritizing this topic is that they are seeing disconnects between product and engineering regarding sizing and definition of features. This is leading to delays during execution. Customer would like their teams to be more effectively working together. Product will need to be better at expressing what needs to be done and Engineering needs to be better at expressing how to build it. Generally, there need to be better definitions of sizing / features / and the level of detail they're communicating.

There will need to be a few up-front meetings between the mentor and 2-3 leaders to agree on what good looks like before the circle begins.

Looking for mentors who have a solid track record owning Product and Engineering or at least collaborating well across both teams. Someone who can bring best practices in this space and help the customer better define their terminology and process. And subsequently educate the hands-on leads who are responsible for the work.


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