Private Circle on Leadership and Team Development

Bonnie Brieden

Chief of Staff at Plato

Commitment: ~6 hrs
Reward: $5000
Deadline to apply:Loading...

Plato customer is a UK-based Fintech. They are looking for a mentor who can host a two-part private circle on "Leadership and Team Development" for their Engineering managers.


There would be 2 cohorts of Engineering managers, each going through a two-part Circle on this topic. However, the content would be the same for each cohort. Topics the customer would like to include:

  • Building trust & psychological safety
  • Team dynamics & morale
  • Maintaining transparency yet shielding the team as needed

We would like to start the fist cohort in June. Although Europe-based mentor is preferred, we would welcome applicants who are available to conduct the sessions late afternoon UK time.


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