Private Circle on Cross Team Collaboration

Gohar Aghababyan

Director of Engineering at Time Doctor

Commitment: ~6 hrs
Reward: $6000
Deadline to apply:Loading...

We are more than 100 people in 31 countries working fully remote. We all work from home and love having the freedom to choose when and where to work. We would like to know how other Engineering Leads are handling cross team collaboration in a globally distributed, multi-cultural Engineering teams.


Problem or Description

Since we first launched in 2012, our goal has been to empower people to work productively no matter where they are.

  • We have 6 Engineering teams working in a remote team. We have people from over the world and most of our Engineering Leads are promoted internally and are first time leaders.
  • As people aren't sitting together and don't communicate with many other team members from other teams, there's less connection and feeling of being part of one team, being able to reach out one another easily.

So the insights from an experienced Engineering Leader about cross team collaboration and effective communication would be helpful for our team. We want our Engineers feel as one team without meeting in person and being geographically in any location. We want to hear how other remote teams are tackling this to foster team work and improve it, to make Engineers more engaged.

Requirements to apply

  • Director level or above
  • Experience in managing remote, multi-cultural Engineering teams
  • Experience in working in dynamic companies with startup mindset
  • Experience in managing 3-5 teams
  • Willing to conduct sessions late afternoon/evening Europe timezones (would be early morning for US-based mentors)

Audience: A small group of team leads (most are people leads).

Timeline: Open to recommendations on sub-topics and schedule

  • By 15/02/24: Cross-team collaboration and effective communication

  • By 15/03/24: Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity

  • By 15/04/23: Team building and engagement

Useful Links

Find more about us(https://www.timedoctor.com/about-us)


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