Maintaining company culture in Technology Team through acquisition

Viktoria Karolova

Chief of Staff to CTO at Slido

Commitment: ~2 hrs
Reward: $1500
Deadline to apply:Loading...(accepting late applications)

Slido has been acquired by Cisco in 2021. We take pride in being able to preserve many of the pillars of our team culture, however, this doesn't come without focused effort and creativity. We would like to use this opportunity to inspire ourselves from other tech teams that have give through similar transition successfully.


Problem or Description

Slido was acquired by 70k American corporation (Cisco Systems).

We have developed our own tactics on how to deal with corporate hurdles and make sure people still have fun and can experience similar growth trajectory as they did in the start up times.

We would love to hear how this is being done in other companies to inspire our selves. We would be happy for this to be held as informal, moderated discussion by someone from our team.

Requirements to apply

If you have navigated through an acquisition while successfully preserving or even enhancing your team's culture, your insight could prove invaluable. We're particularly interested in hearing about practical strategies, inspiring anecdotes, and lessons learned during your journey.



We are looking for speakers for virtual tech conference held fir Slido Technology team that will take place on 8th Feb, 2024 between 10 am GMT & 12:30 GMT

Useful Links

What is slido https://www.slido.com/?experience_id=231214-z


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