Using Metrics to Revisit Released Projects

Chris Fry

Sr Director of Engineering at CareRev



"We had a problem where our team was pretty good at receiving both positive and negative feedback, however, we weren't really good at the metrics that were related to some of the features that we had recently pushed out. We would work on a product, release it, and maybe hear something about it just after it was released, but then the next wave of projects would come through and the newly released product would fall to the wayside."

Actions taken

"I discussed this issue with the product team and kept on them about it. After a while we decided to keep a dashboard of all the initiatives that we had and which ones we needed to revisit. It was a visual reminder of what was done and what still needed to be completed. It cast a light back on the rest of the business because when you're only ever thinking about the new things, and of course there's 250 million new things, everybody forgets what's going on and this acted as a reminder of all the other stuff. It definitely rounded everything out."

Lessons learned

"The dashboard forced a conversation. You have current projects, past projects, and by combining both along with your tech data you can create all these different things. It also keeps everybody honest. You have a release and you're expecting it to do well, increase, and have people buy it, but the work doesn't end there. How can we improve and push ourselves? Feedback is a wonderful resource but by using metrics and a dashboard to track those metrics your team will benefit greatly."

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Chris Fry

Sr Director of Engineering at CareRev

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