Using A Demo To Solve A Dispute

Vishal Biyani

CTO & Founder at InfraCloud



"I was working in a widely geographically distributed team. We were in a development phase, and another engineer and I were trying to explore a technology that we typically used after production. A lot of people questioned us about why we were focussing on that technology at that time because they couldn't envision the end effect, where once it went into production things would become really bad in terms of stability."

Actions taken

"We realized we needed to get buy-in from our manager and our team members. We decided to build a small demo to act as a proof-of-concept and discussed it at a Scrum show-and-tell. The demo went very well, and senior management really liked what we had presented. Ultimately, they bought licenses and implemented the use of this technology across our team."

Lessons learned

"If you face a conflict regarding technology decisions, it helps to show some data or a demo, even on a small scale, to demonstrate how useful your solution could be."

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Vishal Biyani

CTO & Founder at InfraCloud

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