Changing Brand Perception

Nikkho Shandittha

SVP of Product at Amartha



I was working at a local e-commerce company that followed a similar module like Amazon, where they had a product description page (PDP). For instance, if a user clicked on a handbag, they would find the picture along with the description; that’s the product pitch. The company is a horizontal marketplace, meaning that if a user wants to buy a lipstick or a car, they would have different kinds of experiences. A car would have a 360-degree view along with a view of the interiors, whereas a lipstick wouldn’t have such features. The challenge here was that, how could we increase the conversion rate for the page?

Actions taken

I created a strategy on which we could build certain verticals for some categories. There were a total of 26 verticals back then with only about 7 or 8 categories. I accumulated a team of 3 people to find out what the buyer actually cares about for every single category. For instance, a buyer for a car would care about several specifics like the price along with all the unique selling points.

In the end, there are certain attributes that are category-specific 一 for instance, in the fashion category, the customers are more likely to care whether a cloth would fit into their body. So, I conducted research for all of that, followed by presenting it to the management, which was approved by them to be implemented in the near future.

Lessons learned

  • Sometimes, being complacent is not enough when you are one of the largest e-commerce companies in your country.
  • It’s important to keep evolving and changing according to the customers’ needs.

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Nikkho Shandittha

SVP of Product at Amartha

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