The Push to Production Process Not Respected

Nicolas De Nayer

CTO at Click & Boat



When I set up the push to production process with my developers, I made a checklist with them to reassure them when they were working on their own. To begin with, it helped a lot and enabled me to give them more autonomy. But after a while, people started to bypass this checklist, resulting in errors in production during the push.

Actions taken

Instead of doing a check-list, I started to think about making a "production push algorithm" that stated if this occurs then do that. It is quite simple, and very similar to the checklist. However, it is a little bit more explicit, and it speaks a lot to the developers.

Lessons learned

This approach was very efficient and fewer errors during the push to production occurred. Now we have an "algorithm" for lots of tasks that are not purely for developers. For example, if we want to hire someone, we may say "Ok you want to hire someone? What is your algorithm?".

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Nicolas De Nayer

CTO at Click & Boat

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