Ten quotes from Adam Grant relevant while dealing with layoff

Praveen Cheruvu

Engineering Leadership at Anaplan


A hallmark of wisdom is to know when to abandon some of your treasured tools and cherished parts of your identity.

"Beware confusing attention with admiration. Being noticed is not a substitute for being respected. Don't mistake recognition for knowing who you are. People may not value what you do."

"How smart people are has little bearing on how well-informed they are. Without curiosity, intelligence breeds ignorance."

"You can be candid without sacrificing care. When you get brutal transparency right, it does not feel brutal, it feels needful."

The evolution of self-esteem in a career:

  1. Phase 1: I am not important.
  2. Phase 2: I am important.
  3. Phase 3: I want to work on something important. The sooner we get to phase 3, the more success we achieve and the more impact we have.

"Don't take feedback as a judgment on you. Think of it as a judgment on the performance you have given."

"The events that make your blood boil reveal what matters most to you. Anger arises when your core values are in jeopardy. With reflection, it becomes a mirror for seeing your principles more clearly. With action, it becomes a map for making change to protect what you hold dear."

"Big career decisions don't come with a map, but all you need is a compass. In an unpredictable world, you cannot make a master plan. You can only gauge if you are on the meaningful path. The right next move is the one that brings you a step closer to living."

"When people are down, they don't need to hear 'Cheer up!' Pushing them to be positive invalidates their emotions. They don't want to be told how to feel. They want to know you care about how they feel. The goal is not always to feel better. Sometimes it is to be understood."

"When we seek advice, we rarely want to be told which option to choose. We're usually seeking guidance on how to approach the decision. The best advice does not specify what to do. It highlights blind spots in your thinking and helps us clarify our priorities."

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Praveen Cheruvu

Engineering Leadership at Anaplan

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