Tackling Lack of Confidence for Newcomers

Bobby Foster

Director of Quality Engineering at Salesforce



"I observe that in general, new hires and new team members who have just joined the organization are shy and lack social confidence. You have to do something to bring them in the organization faster in a friendly and professional way."

Actions taken

"I have started the MLB-Monday Lunch Brunch- where our team eat lunch outside every Monday. This is a subtle way to let newbies interact with the rest of the team in a setting that's outside of work. It's always an open invite since we want to promote an open culture. How to ensure our target attendees will join? We simply go over their desk and personally invite them putting that personal touch to it. I noticed this team lunch out puts the new joiners at ease and instantly creates the bond between them and their colleagues. This resulted to more people being happy, choosing to come to the office than work from home especially on Mondays. This team activity inspired the group to come up with other fun activities, like rock climbing and so on."

Lessons learned

"Nothing better than a little social interaction rightly nurtured!"

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Bobby Foster

Director of Quality Engineering at Salesforce


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