Solving Technical Conflicts Within A Team

Jiashu Wang



A problem a lot of managers face, especially new managers, is working out how to solve conflicts between your team members. One of the most common scenarios that can cause conflict is when people have different opinions about what approaches to use when it comes to technology. For example, one engineer may think framework A is better, while another believes framework B is better.

Actions taken

Technical conflicts are pretty common. Good engineers tend to have strong opinions about the technologies they are using, so it follows that arguments will sometimes occur. In this scenario, it's very important, as a manager, to create an environment where engineers can productively express themselves, as opposed to having people argue back and forth via Slack. Try to gather the engineers into the same room and ask them to examine the issue they are facing. Get them to discuss why they think one framework is better than the other, and get them to explain the thinking behind their reasoning. Why you get them to compare and contrast the two approaches, they often will be more open to discussing the benefits of the other approach.

Lessons learned

Usually, there's not a black and white answer, so this approach assists in finding a middle ground. The key lesson here is to try to create environments where engineers can express themselves in a constructive manner. This will help to prevent more serious conflicts.

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Jiashu Wang

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