Sharing the bigger picture when delegating

Braeden Kepner

Head of Engineering, Machine Intelligence at Dropbox



"We were working on a project aimed at rewriting our sharing and permission system. It was a pretty substantial project so we decided to split the work between two teams. After what was supposed to be the end of the project, I noticed that the solution the team was implementing was much more conservative than what I had initially had in mind."

Actions taken

"We decided to revamp the project and make changes. It ended up okay, but we could have done this better and faster." "The reason this situation happened is because once split, neither of the two teams had the big picture of the whole project and didn't know why they were doing it. We hadn't communicated the long term goal clearly, so when planning their separate parts, they made choices which were sometimes not aligned with the overall goal."

Lessons learned

"Good delegation is based on sharing all implications with stakeholders, so I now try to make sure everyone has the bigger picture in mind before beginning a project."

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Braeden Kepner

Head of Engineering, Machine Intelligence at Dropbox

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