Proposing Solutions, Not Problems

Bruno Miranda

VP Engineering at Doximity



"When working with multiple teams across various countries, it can be difficult for upper management to see and understand specific pain points. Consequently, they think they understand situations and how to solve problems, but their solutions may not necessarily resolve the issues at hand. If you are in this or a similar situation, I have some advice for you."

Actions taken

"Deliver the solution to your boss in the form of a proposal. Communicate the situation, explain why it is a problem, and illustrate what you think are the best solutions. Articulate what you want to do, backing it up with data. Put all of this in a document, submit it to your boss, and ask for his/her approval so that you can take action." "In many cases, upper management is out of touch with the day-to-day workings that teams are going through. They don't understand the problems and pain points that you deal with. Therefore, it is your job as a manager to bridge the gap by providing them with useful information to make the best decisions possible. Part of doing so is being a solution-generating employee. Create a plan, write out a concise document, and present it to management. You'll increase your value not only with your manager but with the company as well."

Lessons learned

  • "Bringing solutions rather than problems to upper management is best practice. This is because managers already have many problems to solve."
  • "Send the proposal to your boss ahead of time, before you meet for your a one-on-one. This will give him/her time to review it, understand it, and to come prepared to your meeting."
  • "The document that you create shouldn't be lengthy. Keep it short, concise, and to the point. Don't include unnecessary or irrelevant information."

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Bruno Miranda

VP Engineering at Doximity

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