‘Pretotyping’ - Prototyping Without the Hassle

Don Aoki

Head of Products at Somnology



You can spend a lot of time and effort building products that are the wrong products. That is to say, that nobody wants to buy them, regardless of the great job you have done in building these products the way they were envisioned. By using the concept of 'pretotyping', you can face the scheme of testing out your idea and its demand before bothering to start building it.

Actions taken

  • Develop a platform with credible criteria held to the standards of your ideal product.
  • Create a trial group of interested individuals and try to measure them opening up their wallet and preparing to pay.
  • Evaluate the number of people who get to the point of paying for your service and decide whether or not the foreseen revenue is enough to develop a successful product.

Lessons learned

  • The 'pretotyping' process can offer you feedback on how to build the product and a way to save time, effort, and money all in one.
  • A lot of people's actions are different from what they say. It is beneficial to see who is willing to invest beyond their verbal confirmations of what they may have originally suggested in a survey.
  • It may be a lot of work to set up a trial platform, but if you make the decision to further develop a product, it is something you might want to consider. It is a smart way to test demand before you spend all the time and effort building it and seeking investors.

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Don Aoki

Head of Products at Somnology

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