How to Maintain Happiness: The Underrated Aspect of Creating Team Dynamic

Jonathan Ducharme

Engineering Manager at AlleyCorp Nord


The Importance of Mental Wellness in Your Work Environment

"Happiness comes first."

My goal as a manager and approach toward managing my team is that happiness comes first. It may seem largely underrated in this fast-paced, busy-centric culture where we are prone to being dynamic workhorses. We often forget that we need a key ingredient to truly thrive.

I fully believe that something is to be said to keep your team happy. When your teams are happy, they are able and apt to give their best selves at work.

This firm belief has been anchored within me, as this topic is near and dear to my heart and being. If you are not mentally well, you will not perform well; the quality of work will not be at the top tier of it. And on the opposite side of that point, if you are mentally well, you will be more efficient and more empowered in your work life.

It is my mission to be able to have a goal to move the company in the right direction by encouraging and allowing mental wellness to occur, grow, and be cultivated in a workspace. Additionally, when folks are mentally well, they are less likely to burn out, which we aim to avoid. We spend 50% of our lives at work, so why not make it a safe, pleasant place to be?

Be a Safe Space for Your Team

"Create a safe space that allows your team to be open with you."

If this sort of thing isn’t your forte, and you just don’t know where to begin, my suggestion is as follows:

  • Create a safe space that allows your team to be open with you. When you’ve created this kind of space, likely, your team will not be scared of talking to you. When aiming for emotionally and mentally well workers, communication in tandem with compassion is quintessential.

  • 1-1s, check-ins, pulse checks, etc., can be utilized beyond just updating the status of our progress on projects. When you think about what makes people happy, being emotionally, spiritually, and mentally well are the components. Using your check-ins to be friendly, compassionate, kind, and considerate will help your team feel more empowered and happier to come to work, especially with you.

  • Reframe workload if something is not working. This requires open communication. If a team member is seeking more exciting projects, it is up to you as a manager to help phase them out of current ones and onto something that may create more alignment. Don’t be afraid to reconfigure if necessary to show your people you care and validate their needs.

It all comes down to fully understanding, or at least having compassion for what someone is currently experiencing in life. This will help your rapport by making your team members feel seen and compelled to be more harmonious in and out of work.

The Impact of Overall Happiness at Work

The impact of caring about your team’s happiness is huge. I’ve seen the workplace evolve into basically one big family; everyone wants to help each other and see each other succeed. On a similar note, the same people will also want to help drive the organization’s goals and take ownership of that success.

It is important to keep in mind that we are all rowing in the same direction.

When your people are happy, everyone is there to help bring one another up should anyone stumble or feel blocked. They help each other move in the right direction. This kind of symbiosis can only be seen when all involved are truly happy.

When your teams are happy in their work environments, it is easy to get up in the morning and want to work. The ideals and values shift into rather selfless motivation. As soon as you work with someone on their needs in regards to work, everything becomes better for them and the organization as a whole. It is vital to be able to recognize this.

Lastly, when you truly value others’ time, you validate all they put forth at work. This will create a healthy and happy work environment that emanates equanimity. In my opinion, the impact of this is huge when it comes to the health of your company.

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Jonathan Ducharme

Engineering Manager at AlleyCorp Nord

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