How To Bring Change To An Organization

Christian Byza

Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn



In Germany, we are very direct and we tell people what we think and nobody will get mad about it. I have found that in the U.S. you have to be more friendly, so I had to figure out how to bring change to my organization when I moved here.

Actions taken

I believe it all starts with building relationships with your co-workers. I organized trips for them to come with me to Germany and we also got together once a week and did exercises. Building relationships is the most important piece because when they understand who you are as a person and how you communicate, you can be more direct and they will understand where you are coming from and not take offense.

Lessons learned

You need to give something in order to receive something back. That can be to help with another project and communicate with your co-workers. If you invest a little of your time, then you will get something back. This will work in your favor when you need help with something.

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Christian Byza

Senior Product Manager at LinkedIn


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