How to Achieve an Effective Online Meeting or Conference

Abhilash John

Engineering Manager at Walmart



I usually conduct team meetings and one-on-ones online and my concern is that I am not sure if the person or the people I am talking to are giving their full attention, more so, completely understand our discussion.

Actions taken

The internet has made the workplace global and virtual such that we can practically have conference call with anyone in any part of the world as long as there is internet. I conduct my virtual meetings through video conference because this helps to attain better connection with the people I am talking to.

Lessons learned

In my experience, conducting video conference is more effective than just having a plain conference call because you have both audio and visual connection with the people you are talking to. This is particularly helpful if you are working or managing a remote team where all your meetings will be via call conferencing since a face meeting makes the attendees hear and see each other and helps keep the attention of everyone focused on the ongoing meeting.

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Abhilash John

Engineering Manager at Walmart


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