Ensuring Technical Scalability

Dan Drew

CTO, VP Engineering at Didja Inc



From an engineering manager's perspective, it is crucial to handle both the technical and organizational aspects of scaling. When creating a roadmap and team plan, and allocating resources, it is necessary to consider technical scale issues and technical debt.

Actions Taken

"A lot of companies will ignore these types of problems when they are small, as they think they can deal with them later."

Once a company starts accelerating, it tends to overlook these problems, assuming they can be addressed at a later stage. However, this approach often leads to technical debt overwhelming the company and causing system breakdowns. Therefore, it is important for the engineering side of the organization to acknowledge their shortcomings and understand the upcoming business requirements.

Lessons Learned

"It's really important to get ahead of issues with technical debt and technical scaling issues."

Proactively addressing technical debt and scaling issues is of utmost importance. Failure to do so results in the team spending significant time dealing with scalability issues, hindering their ability to work on new features and code. This ultimately impacts the business's performance, preventing them from delivering new solutions and resolving customer issues.

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Dan Drew

CTO, VP Engineering at Didja Inc

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