Ensuring success for new hires

Abhilash John

Engineering Manager at Walmart



I have observed that when we are hiring a new team member, aside from the usual screening and interview process we go through, we often use gut feel as basis for hiring a candidate. We are taking chances that they may or may not fit into the role. The screening and interview process in itself is quite limited and is not enough to gauge the candidate's capability and culture fit.

Actions taken

To avoid such a scenario, I hire people and make them start at one level lower of the target position. I give the new hire time to learn the ropes and overcome the learning curve. This provides opportunity for the person to grow into the role. When I'm confident with his job performance, I proceed to the next step and promote him to the desired position or level.

Lessons learned

Hiring at one level lower of the desired position and promoting the employee after a period of time is a good alternative to hiring a candidate straight for the target position. Promotion motivates the employee and gives a positive vibe to the team. It gives the new member a chance to learn the role and helps to build the person's credibility. It also presents lower risk for the hiring manager and lower impact of potential failure for the team because the person is given the time to learn, adjust, and grow into the desired role.

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Abhilash John

Engineering Manager at Walmart

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