Design Sprint is an effective tool to build a Product

Quang Hoang

CEO at Plato



The mentee's main challenge revolves around the application of design sprint - what to use design sprint for, how to roll it out in the organization, can it be used in cases where the product has evolved or if there's a new type of customer or product user, or the product is not optimized for a certain customer.

Actions taken

I pointed out three key points regarding design sprint application to my mentee. First, that design sprints are useful in the discovery process and initial development to determine market fit. Second, that you can adapt the sprint scope depending on the topic or application to use. They can be adapted to narrow or broad topics and can be applied to different stages of the company. Third, sprints are very useful when you are adding specific product features or functionality.

Lessons learned

Design sprint is a valuable tool. It is quite useful when confirming the design of solution - to test the solution out and speed up the process. It's a good approach to get stakeholders involved early in the process ideation stage and achieve strong alignment. A successful design sprint leads to strong conviction on product solution and paves the way for building the mvp.

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Quang Hoang

CEO at Plato

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