Defining Roles as a Company Transitions out of the Startup Environment

Steve Vega

CTO at HuliHealth



We started as a very flat organization here at Huli, where we did not have established roles for people because quite honestly, they were unnecessary at the time. As the company grew, it became increasingly imperative that we created more structure and responsibilities within individual roles. There was nothing in place to give clarity to the team, or furthermore, what we expected from them and how we could help them grow with the company.

Actions taken

We created a career path from a series of steps which we integrated from a strategy originally developed by Spotify. First we defined steps based expectations and behaviours defining your impact in the company, team, department, etc... Second, we established disciplines and roles for each position. Then, we specified the necessary competencies for each of the disciplines. After that, we asked for feedback from the team based on everything that was documented. We used this 360 review exercise as a way to have each individual on the team evaluate themselves on each competency as well as four to five of their teammates.

Lessons learned

  • When you start as a flat organization, which is normal for a startup, it is not necessary to have roles or competencies because you basically do what you have to do to get things underway. However, as you start growing and subsequently your team does the same, it becomes crucial to create these understandings. Not because of the title it holds, but rather for the clarity it brings regarding what is expected. It also gives people the tools, as they become managers, to be able to help people grow and become better in their role.
  • The 360 review exercise allowed people to have an overall view from everyone and create a well-rounded career path for every position in the company.

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Steve Vega

CTO at HuliHealth

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