Building a Strong Team Culture: The Key to Successful Hiring

Mustafa Magdi

Head of Engineering at Tradeling.com


Defining the Desired Team Culture

When hiring new engineers, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the team culture and values that you want to foster. This will help you attract candidates who align with your vision and are more likely to thrive in your team. As one engineer puts it,

"Being nice is okay, but not all the time. You're not actually working in a company to sell ice cream. You're there to get things done."

To define the desired team culture, start by developing a detailed job description that outlines the skills, responsibilities, and expectations for the role. Be transparent about the company's culture and values, as this will help candidates assess whether they are a good fit. Additionally, consider the attitude and behavior you want in a candidate. For example, do you value humility and a willingness to learn? Or do you prioritize ownership and a strong work ethic?

Observing Behavior and Attitude

During the hiring process, it is crucial to observe the behavior and attitude of candidates. Technical skills can be assessed through live coding sessions, which are considered the most effective way to evaluate a candidate's abilities. However, behavioral traits and attitude are equally important.

One engineer shares an example of an interview where a candidate performed well technically but lacked ownership. This candidate did not take the initiative to test their code thoroughly, indicating a lack of commitment and responsibility. On the other hand, another candidate who was not completely familiar with the tech stack demonstrated a strong willingness to learn and problem-solving skills. This candidate was considered a good fit for the team.

Crafting an Appealing Job Description

Crafting an appealing job description is essential to attract the right candidates. While it is important to be detailed and transparent about the role and responsibilities, it is equally important to focus on what the candidate will gain from joining the team. Highlight the company's culture, values, and any unique aspects that make it an exciting place to work.

However, it is crucial to manage expectations and avoid overpromising. Be honest about the challenges and demands of the role to ensure that candidates have a realistic understanding of what they are signing up for. Remember, the goal is not to attract a large number of applicants but to find the right individuals who fit the position.


Building a strong team culture is the key to successful hiring in the engineering field. Defining the desired team culture and values, observing behavior and attitude during the hiring process, and crafting an appealing job description are essential steps to attract the right candidates.

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Mustafa Magdi

Head of Engineering at Tradeling.com

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