Building a Culture of Innovation: How to Foster Creativity and Problem-Solving in Engineering Teams

Paras Wadehra

Engineering Leader at Salesforce



In this article, we will explore the topic of building a culture of innovation and fostering creativity and problem-solving in engineering teams. We will draw insights from a conversation among top-tier engineers and managers, discussing their experiences and challenges in managing teams and driving innovative solutions. The focus will be on creating an environment that encourages innovation and empowers engineering leaders to excel.

The Challenges of Remote Teams and Time Zones

One of the key challenges faced by engineering managers is managing remote teams. This becomes especially difficult when team members are spread across different time zones. As one engineering manager mentioned, "I had people reporting to me that I didn't even meet in person in the two years I was there. It's hard to build that rapport sometimes." Managing remote teams requires extra effort to establish effective communication and ensure that team members feel supported and connected.

The Importance of Psychological Safety

Creating a culture of psychological safety is crucial for the success of engineering teams. It is essential for team members to feel comfortable expressing their ideas, sharing challenges, and seeking help when needed. As one engineering manager emphasized, "If you don't feel comfortable talking to your manager, you are not feeling comfortable in the role." Building psychological safety requires managers to create an environment where team members feel supported, valued, and safe to take risks and be vulnerable.

The Role of Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for fostering innovation and problem-solving in engineering teams. Managers need to ensure that team members have open channels of communication and feel encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. One suggestion was to leverage AI tools like an AI code copilot to improve communication within the team. This tool could prompt discussions, facilitate collaboration, and even suggest team-building activities.

Balancing Technical and Managerial Responsibilities

Engineering managers often face the challenge of balancing their technical responsibilities with their managerial duties. While technical expertise is essential, managers also need to focus on supporting their team members, providing guidance, and aligning their work with the company's goals. Finding the right balance between technical and managerial responsibilities is crucial for the success of both the team and the manager.


Building a culture of innovation and fostering creativity in engineering teams requires a combination of effective communication, psychological safety, and strong leadership. Engineering managers play a crucial role in creating an environment where team members feel supported, valued, and empowered to think creatively and solve complex problems. By leveraging AI tools and reimagining mentorship platforms, organizations can enhance engagement and collaboration, driving innovation and success in their engineering teams.

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Paras Wadehra

Engineering Leader at Salesforce

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